Middle Earth is a G-rated Palace. With that in mind, the following behaviors will not be tolerated:

Offensive Avatars
Offensive Language
Offensive Behavior
Offensive Nicknames
Use of hexed clients/banjump
Illegal Activities

Rule #1: NO Offensive Avatars

Lets put it this way - if it would not be used in a G rated movie - It does not belong in here.. Middle Earth is not about sex .. plenty of palaces welcome sexually explicit avatars and if they are your thing - those palaces are the place to wear them - not Middle Earth. Nor are ones that are hateful or ones that condone illegal activity.

*Warning - we don't prop gag here - we ask you to change your avatar - ONE time. If you don't you will be forced to leave. Simple reasoning behind this folks.. if you don't have sense enough to respect our wishes we don't want you here.

Rule #2: NO Offensive Language

Most of you who visit will be fans of Tolkien. Fan or not - foul language is not used in the movies or the books. so it simply is not used in Middle Earth. Sensible eh?

Rule #3: NO Offensive Behavior

Harassment of any type - dis-respect of any kind is simply a 'no go' in Middle Earth. Inflicting your poor judgment on someone else is not what this palace is for. There are plenty that allow it and we believe you will enjoy your time on palace elsewhere. If offensive behavior is something you enjoy, please frequent THEM and remove us from your bookmarks.

Rule #4: NO Offensive Nicknames

What we mean is fairly simple - -if you would not go into your parent's home screaming ' I AM ' at the top of your lungs.. you should not wear it here as your nickname.

For some of you who think you would scream anything in your parents house.. ...remember - we are NOT your parents and NOT so lenient. Find somewhere else to play if you must use an offensive name as you won't enjoy Middle Earth.

Rule #5: NO Hexed Clients

We do allow beta testing of projects we deem safe and that are being developed for the right reasons. Who are we to judge? Well we pay for the hosting - and our opinion is what counts. If you have any questions about using things in Middle Earth other than the legitimate client please ask.

Rule #6: NO Illegal Activities

If it is not legal in real life it is not legal in here either. If you are conducting illegal activities - you really need to re-think your life..

It goes without saying... we will assist law enforcement in any way we can where illegal activities are concerned.